Things about Food Processing Equipment- You Need To KnowPosted by On February 6, 2021

Things about Food Processing Equipment- You Need To Know

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Food processing equipment manufacturers in India are consistently adding new products in the markets, taking the help of new technology that maximizes the quality of the processed food products.

In the food processing industry, two trends Technology and sustainability play a vital role. Food processing is a smarter entity that is moving forward in present times. Food processing equipment refers to processing machines, components, systems used to cook, handle, package, prepare or store food and food products. Although this equipment is primarily aimed towards consumability, preservation, palatability, few pieces of equipment, it also performs auxiliary or main functions such as preparation, handling, and packaging.

Food processing equipment allows flexibility in terms of production and leads to the efficient execution of work and production at all levels. In-built sensors that are attached to food processing equipment guarantee food safety and assist in the detection of any impurities.

Food Processing Market Overview

The food processing industry considers a unique place in the Indian economy. The dynamic food habits and lifestyle have given new opportunities to the food producers, machinery makers, and technology and service providers. The food processing industry has taken a new direction and is growing regularly with almost 8% growth annually. Infrastructure development will take this industry to new altitudes in the future with the help of enough investments and exports.

There’s a continual need for process innovation with the consumer market as it is becoming more demanding and sophisticated. The consumer expects originality, value for money, excitement, and a product with safe and tamper-proof packaging. Nowadays, one of the fastest-growing markets for food processing equipment is in the Asia Pacific. Due to increasing demand for food products in emerging countries include India, china Indonesia, and Thailand food processing equipment is expected to witness growth with innovative design and updated features. These updated features can influence the performance and efficiency of the equipment. However, choosing the optimal design and construction is dependent on the specifications and requirements of the particular food processing application.

Food processing equipment manufacturers in India

It has been forecasted that players within the global food processing equipment market will strategize to establish their product line in the market by applying the latest technologies and offering advanced features. We at kaypee Udyog embraced smart and eco-friendly technology and driving food processing equipment that is energy efficient and comes with reduced maintenance and operation cost. We have replaced our old equipment with smarter and greener equipment. This will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of the environment.

Moreover, we design our equipment for assembly and disassembly to optimize cleaning. All parts of food processing equipment are accessible not only to its operators but to staff in-charge of cleaning and authorities tasked with the inspection.

Food processing equipment manufacturers in India provide various categories of Food processing equipment like KBD- 99 B.O.D INCUBATORS, KBD-100 DRY BATH INCUBATORS, KL- 103 HOT AIR UNIVERSAL OVEN, KV-79 VACUUM OVEN, etc. These food processing equipment are used in various industries including the dairy industry, industrial bakery, poultry farm, seafood industry, chocolate manufacturing unit, confectionery, beverage industry, milk, fruit, nut, and vegetable industry.

To know more about food processing equipment, get in touch with Kaypee Udyog.


Food Processing Equipment

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