We are of the leading provides of Tissue Culture Racks. Racks are known for increasing the incubator capacity of the products. Furthermore, the uniquely designed range prevents the flipping over of flasks above one another. Easy handling is ensured by strong grips on both sided of the rack, which also in safely transferring the flasks to the incubator.

Specifications of Features :
1. Made out of thick square MS pipe frame with glass shelves.
2. Distance between shelves of shelves is 16”.
3. Size of each shelf is 48×20
4. The platform surface will be 3mm thick.
5. Four 40-watt fluorescent light (With Electronic Ballast).
6. Minimum heading effect/heat dissipation.
7. No Flickering effect.

Energy savers with individual switching arrangements on each shelf.
· Total 16 Electronic bulbs of 100watts.
· Four fluorescent tubes in each shelf with a switching arrangement.
· Frame with MS square pipe 1 X 1 with anticorrosive, Humidity Resistant Powder Coating finish culture rack.
· Wheel/Castor-4No.s
· Timer for 7 days.
· Input 200-240 V AC, 50Hz

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