A compact and sturdy designed with latest technology for complete dehydration and filtration of human tissues up to final fixing in wax.

· Programmable provision for dehydration cycle (user selectable) is a standard feature.
· Tissues continuously agitates by rotating S.S. tissue basket for through penetration of regents.
· The safety device prevents the transfer of tissue from 10th stage to 11th stage to 12the stage if the wax is not melted properly due to power failure or any malfunctioning thus protecting the unit and the tissues.
· The Auto locking system check the tissues from 12th to 1st stage to safeguard the accidental reprocessing of the same and lock the machine.

Technical Data
· Automatic Tissue Processor with 12 station, (10 Glass Beaker Borosilicate heavy wall thickness without lip to avoid evaporization and 02 wax bath stainless steel Thermostatically.
· 02 stainless steel wax bath double walled thermostatically controlled with thermal cutout safety device accuracy ±5 degree.
· Wax Bath fitted with jacket type heater fabricated from Kanthal wire ISI marked fro quick melting and proper melting from top to bottom.
· Teflon wire used in the wax bath and external main wire ISI 3 core heavy duty.
· Wax Bath properly earth for safety.
· Delay system for full one week. From Monday to Sunday. From Minutes to Hours.
· Selectable and user friendly.
· Stainless steel tissue perforated basket 01 with tissue cassette capacity of 36 pieces.
· Stainless steel tissue basket hanger type for loading and unloading.
· 24 hours calibrated timing Disc -03 Pcs. are supplied with the unit for different programs. Timing Disc fabricated from thick gauge with timing calibrated on the disc.
· Heavy duty motor with no noise. Long life ISI and ISO marked.
· Beakers cups are removable for easy cleaning of platform.
· All electrical components like Micro switches, Main Lead, Rocker Switch, Socket are ISI and ISO marked.
· Main body fabrication done from Heavy Gauge.
· Powder coating best quality with no chipping assured. Before powder coating chemical treatment given to the parts to avoid corrosion.
· All mechanical parts fabricated from LM-8 Graded casting for better strength.
· All mechanical parts are machined on precision machinery for standardization.
· All motions running on Ball Bearing oil sealed for long life smoothness and maintenance free.
· Centre shaft machined on centre less grinder for accuracy and running of linear bearing for smoothness.
· Timing clock with heavy duty gears and calibrated for accuracy.
· Heavy Duty motor for agitation.
· Top lid carries individual cover for the beakers to avoid eaporisation. Only lid lifts little to avoid evaporization and the arm transfer the tissue basket from one container to other.
· Safety handle provided in case of electricity failure. Tissue Basket can be taken out with the help of lifting handle.
· Locking threads used in all assembly to avoid transport damage.
· Tissue Basket rest in the maximum down level of beaker to avoid wastage of chemical.
· User friendly and trouble free robust model.

Standard unit consists of :
· 12 Pcs. Glass Beakers without lip Borosilicate
· 02 Pcs. stainless steel wax bath thermostatically controlled.
· 03 Pcs. Timing Disc 24 hours.
· Notch cutting plier-01 pc.
· 12 Pcs. Tissue capsule rectangular S.S.
· Main Lead 01 Pc.
· Glass Fuse 02 Pc.
· Dust Cover 01 Pc.
· Oil Can 01 Pc.
· Instruction Manual and Guarantee Card 01 Pc.

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