Our esteemed clients can avail from us an exclusive range of Autoclaves used in microbiology labs. These are available in custom sizes and can be availed at reasonable prices. Our Autoclaves are widely used for day to day Experiments and culture tests performed in various laboratory applications. We specialize in both standard and customized models, specifically designed to meet with the clients.



Operated by feather touch keyboard with digital display.
· Display show : real time. Date. Month and year.
· Wax bath temperature : set temperature and attain temperature.
· Station No. Is displayed in which tissue basket is running.
· Station time and lapse time shown on display.

Key board carries the Salient Features :
· Start button : used to start unit after doing setting.
· Delay : to set delay time from 1min to 999 min
· Clear off : in case wrong entry is done can be cleared off.
· Load : used as enter key after doing the setting
· Lock : used to lock keyboard.
· Next : used to shift the basket immediately.
· Display : used to display the cycle timing before starting the unit.
· Test : used to move basket form 12th station to home position.
· Code : used to set a new key board lock.
· Temperature : to set temperature of Wax Bath.
· Upward key : To de increase time in increment of one minute.
· Downward key : to decrease the timing in one minute.
· All Electrical switches used are ISI marked and silver coated and heavy duty.
· Heavy gauge used in fabrication of body.
· Glass beaked without lip to avoid evaporisation Borosil 1 liter capacity.
· Wax bath stainless steel inner outer with orean coated wire used in eater with be quality heating wire with thermal cut out of 75 degree.
· Leak proof wax bath.
· External body powder coated to avoid chipping and anti rusting chemical use.
· Internal parts fabricated from LM grade Aluminum.
· All moving parts moving on Ball bearing oil sealed.
· Centre brass rod moving on Linear bearing.
· Not much maintainance required.
· Heavy duty rotor motor used for agitation.
· Main motor used orean geared motor to avoid viberation and sound.
· Individual lids covers the Glass beakers to avoid evaporisation.
· In case of emergency side lifting handle provided to take out Tissue basket in case Electricity failure.
· Thread lock used after tightening the assembly screws and bolts.
· Tissue basket capacity of 100 tissue cassette.
· Easy to clean platform. For cleaning platform individual cups can be removed for cleaning platform.
· Safety device for Tissue in case wax not method basket stops at the station 10th til the temperature is not attained. Similar safety feature for STN 11th and station. Heavy duty gear and case hardening done for long life.
· Trouble free and maintenance free.

Standard Accessories :
· Main unit – one
· Tissue basket – one
· Wax Bath – Two
· Main lead – One
· Dust cover – One
· Tissue capsule – Twenty five
· Glass beakers – twelve
· Glass fuse – two
· Instruction manual – one

Instrument supplied in cardboard box with 2 inch. Thermocoal sheet with wooden base.

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