A) A designed and quick examination of the
B) mean dispersion of liquids, solids, and powder

ND Range: ND 1.300 to ND 1.700 in deep of 0.001
Accuracy: ±0.0002
Sugar (Percentage) : 0 to 95 % in steps of 1 division
Accuracy : 0.5 %
Temperature : 0-1000 C

The body of the instrument is fixed having learning of 600, correct refractive index and sugar percentage can be read directly in the need.

It consists of double prism compensator, telescope mirror limp, graduated sector,
reading magnifier and a radial arm which carries a vernier, Abbe’s double prism leaves a compensator consists of the amici prism which serves for rendering the line of achromatic separation. Thermometers fitted on the double prism.

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