Laminar flow principle involves double filtration of air through coarse pre-filters 99.00% down to 5 microns and hepa filters 99.97% to 99.99%(down to 0.3 microns)for filtration of biological and particulate contaminants unidirectional air flow is drawn from atmosphere and passed through pre and Hepa filtered on to the work surface.

  • 1.Inner Table top covered SS sheet(304 grade)side panels are fixed and are made out of transparent acrylic sheet outer body made of mild steel sheet duly powder coated.
  • 2.Front door is also made of acrylic sheet.
  • 3.UVLamp 15/30W.
  • 4.Superior motoris used for blowers. Unit is supplied with manometer, UVtube, fluorescent lighting tubes.
  • 5. Airflow Frontward horizontally.
  • 6. Sizes of Laminar Air Flow: 4″x2″x2″
  • 7. HEPA Filter Size: 4″x2″x6″
  • 8. Noise Level 60 decibel ±5%.
  • 9. Cock for gas, air or vacuum line on work table.
  • 10. Side Panels 5mm ±.5mm thick acrylic sheet.
  • 11. Illumination: 2x50W
  • 12. Manometer-0-50mm range .
  • 13. Power Supply 230V ±10V/50Hz single phase A.C.
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