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laboratory equipment suppliers in Kenya

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Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in Kenya

Kaypee Udyog is an ISO certified and laboratory equipment suppliers in Kenya that offers an unparalleled range of products designed in its state of art manufacturing unit. The company has been working on principles of Quality products, Innovation, time bond supplies for manufacturing each product with regular investments in research and development.

With over 56 years of successful experience, we have a huge range of various types of laboratory equipment that are used in laboratory research, Industrial production automation, medical and healthcare, and educational sectors. Our all products are manufactured with high quality and extremely sensitively. Every product is checked with the special stages so all the equipment gains high quality.  The common lab equipment that we provide:

Lab Equipment

Name Description Uses
Oven and incubators Vital equipment for the Laboratory for scientific research for medical, pharmaceutical, biological, agricultural, scientific research departments. Incubators are used to grow microbial culture or cell cultures and regulating viable growth factors

such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

Furnaces These convection appliances are widely employed in the important functions of manufacturing and science industries. Lab furnaces are used to perform melting glass, creating enamel coatings, technical ceramics, or soldering and brazing.
Clean air equipment Provides an economical work environment suitable for hospitals, drugstores, and pharmaceuticals factories. Keep the environment free from dust and harmful bacteria and maintain a sterile atmosphere in laboratory and research facilities.
Sterilizers/Autoclave A gas-tight, sealable pressure vessel, used for the thermal treatment of substances in the overpressure range Autoclaves are used for sterilizing liquid, solids products waste in disposal bags, and hazardous biological substances.
Humidity chambers and freezers Humidity Chamber is a type of latest technology support to provide precise relative humidity as well as temperature management. It is designed for the cosmetics industry, packaging industry, and in the laboratory to test the humidity of the products.
Distillation/still It is a type of machine that purifies water using the distillation process. The distilled water is used in the chemistry lab, clinic, fermentation and medical industry, etc.
Water bath, hot plates, and mantles Comprises of heaters (Optional) ensuring optimum operating temperature for fast maximum ultrasonic efficiency Its clear and easy design with compact and quiet operation is an ideal choice for applications where high heat removal at close to ambient temperatures is required.
Shakers and stirrers High-quality construction material and advanced technology and made under the supervision of industry experts A laboratory shaker performs mixing, shaking, and aeration applications in various industries with precision.
Laboratory centrifuge The equipment is provided with speed control, digital temperature control cum indicator, digital timer. It is used in research institutes, medical and pharmaceutical laboratories to confirm the strength, durability, and properties of our Scientific Lab Equipments.
Analytical Lab instruments Comes with the latest features and use in the fields of environment testing, clinical analysis, forensic, food, and beverage analysis Utilized for qualitative and quantitative analysis of different chemical tests and samples of them

Laboratory Apparatus in Kenya

Laboratory Apparatus is the most important part of any experiment. It is a group of various instruments and tools which have their use. Also, they are used for chemical reactions, storing chemical liquids, and also used for various activities.

Some Common lab apparatus :

Kipps apparatus

Designed for preparation of small volumes of gases


Used to carry liquids and fine-grained materials into vessels


Used to dispense small quantities of liquids

Extraction apparatus

The extraction procedure allows a compound to be extracted from insoluble material using a chemical solvent.


Measures for temperatures of substances


Enlarge small objects that cannot see by naked eyes.


It is used for accurate dilutions and to prepare standard solutions.

Dropping funnels

Used to transfer liquids or fine-grained materials into containers


Burners frequently use as a heat source in the absence of combustible materials.


Used for managing an accurate volume of a liquid.

For KaypeeUdyog business is not always about profit. It is about the Customers and the trust they have in us and depends largely on the commitment we have shown through our transparent dealings. Also, our continued investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and machine tools gives the company’s products a distinct advantage in the world market, without sacrificing the quality of the laboratory instruments and scientific equipment.

If you are looking for a premium range of lab equipment, laboratory equipment suppliers in Kenya- Kaypeeudyog is here to serve you with all types of laboratory equipment and apparatus in flawless quality with customized solutions at cost-effective rates.

Contact Information:

Name: Kaypee Udyog

Contact Number: +91-8199991707




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