What Is The Humidity Chamber? How Does It Work?Posted by On January 28, 2021

humidity chamber manufacturers in India

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Humidity Chamber Manufacturers in India

A good temperature humidity chamber is essential for evaluating the potential success or failure of a product in the field as it affects that the range of temperature and humidity conditions have on a product or material.

When it comes to environmental test chambers, Humidity is probably one of the most misinterpreted topics. These Humidity testing chambers are vital instruments for analyzing the prolonged effect of humidity on components to fix their quality parameters.

In current times, commercial brands want to make their products strong and durable. So, they tested their products in numerous ways. The humidity test chamber is one of the tests that confirm the brand about the quality of their products. These instruments are not constrained to only one industry application but also act as one of the elemental testing tools for pharmaceuticals, plastic, and rubber industries for quality assurance testing. These industries make active use of the humidity test chamber. The primary task of the humidity chamber is the products are placed inside the chamber and the heat and humidity level is increased. Further, that product is kept exposed for a specific period.

Purpose of humidity chambers

In today’s engineering and manufacturing world, it’s not enough to just design, create, and distribute products; products must be withstood all the environmental pressures and stresses. We, Humidity Chambers Manufacturer in India have advanced forms of temperature and humidity testing available that ensure optimal product performance.

To determine the behavior of the components in severe test conditions that involves high temperature, different relative humidity, and fluctuating environment, temperature, and humidity. These tests are done with uniform temperature and humidity in a static state and dynamic state.

Humidity test chambers are usually applied for long-term stability tests that maintain temperature and humidity at defined levels. In contrast, dynamic climate chambers can be used to encompass specific testing programs in which temperature and humidity are adjusted automatically at set times.

How chambers control humidity?

Humidification and Dehumidification are two humidity control functions.

Direct humidification is done by using an electric humidifier, which inserts steam through a hole in the airflow after the air recirculation fan. This ensures aerosol-free humidification.

The chamber is dehumidified by a mechanical system based on the principal. According to this principal, when an object (with moderate temperature) is exposed to a higher ambient temperature, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the colder object. The evaporator is the component with the most moderate temperature inside the climatic chamber. And, a dedicated section of this is used to lessen the humidity levels in the test compartment when needed.

Determine the Effect of the Products by Humidity Chambers Tests

The excellent testing chambers are included with the latest technology to create different relative humidity and temperature inside the chamber. These chambers are designed with high quality of insulation with imported glass. To maintain an appropriate amount of temperature and humidity, cooling compressors and heaters are comprised in Chambers.

Typically, a humidity chamber offers temperatures between 0C and 80C and relative humidity from 20% to 90%. The attractive features are Energy-efficient fans, compressors, and heaters that are in stability chambers since they will be working for extended periods during product testing.

# Note: There is no universal chamber that can affect every type of condition, but there are many types of more or less versatile chambers that are designed to perform specific types of tests. The particular test to be performed depends on the product, the measures to which it must comply, and the conditions in which it will operate.

Finding a complete solution!

Kaypee Udhyog provides solutions through a trusted network of easily available testing laboratories that are fully recognized to provide professional testing services. This network includes testing laboratories and certification houses. Hence, we as laboratory equipments suppliers in India work as a trusted team and an extension of our clients’ engineer and design departments.


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