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BOD incubator is the most adaptable and reliable low-temperature incubator helps to maintain the temperature that are essential for Biological Oxygen Demand/Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) determination.

BOD (Bio-Oxygen Demand) incubators are also called low-temperature incubators are a very popular instrument used in various applications to test the culturing of bacteria and other microorganisms. In the experimental test, standardized laboratory procedures are used to determine the relative oxygen requirements of microbes in wastewaters and polluted waters, and in simple words, it is a chemical process that tells how fast biological organisms absorb oxygen in a body of water.

The BOD incubator is used to set up the desired temperature and humidity which helps in the growth of microorganisms and allows performing the BOD testing. Apart from temperature and humidity, the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are also maintained, as they are also essential for survival.

In this post, we shall shed some light on important applications and their features:

BOD Incubator offered by BOD Incubator Manufacturer in India is one of the most preferred testing equipment used in testing laboratories. It is often used for the prevention of contaminants, detection of bacteria and microbes in the sample, treating the sample in biotechnical laboratories. These samples that are associated with the medical industries, PET industries, plastic industries, rubber industries, and much more can easily be employed in BOD incubators.

There are certain sectors where BOD incubators are applicable:

  • Hospitals :The instrument is also used in medical laboratories to keep premature new-born babies in a controlled environment in which they can survive and grow.  To determine the infection-causing bacteria and measure the bacterial infection generated in cells of the human body this equipment is widely used.
  • Poultry: BOD Incubators are generally used in poultry as an alternative to hens to intensify the rate of hatching eggs. This method is quite similar to the incubation period of the child. The hatching environment is simulated in the incubator so that chicks can be produced at a fast speed.
  • Plants: In this sector, it is very important to understand the culturing of microorganisms for compost, fertilization, and hybrid experiments. The tissue culture and growth of microorganisms can be studied by placing the sample in the incubator.

Some Benefits of BOD Incubators:

  • It is an important testing instrument that is offered with innovation-based highlights that made setting the test parameters and recording test results simple.
  • BOD Incubator assists in maintaining the temperature and humidity for a longer time. The machine is highly adaptable in nature and power efficient.
  • It is a very convenient and easy-to-use apparatus that can be worked efficiently by anybody. The instrument is given high protection with imported glass fleece ergonomics that give low warmth maintenance.
  • The machine is intended to remember the client’s comfort as a critical parameter. It is furnished with advanced controls that give the outcomes in a computerized position.

Safety Guidelines

 BOD Incubators Suppliers in India supplies BOD Incubators that include some safety traits such as over-temperature and over-current protection and temperature low and high limit buzzer alert etc. However, despite these safety features it is required to follow some safety guidelines while using BOD Incubators.

  • Do not cover the shelves of the incubator with aluminum foil. It may cause temperature control malfunction or obstruction of air circulation.
  • Control the temperature of the incubator regularly to avoid any error.
  • While performing the test BOD bottles should be closed in the BOD incubator.
  • BOD incubators are not designed for storing eating and drinking materials and cosmetics also.
  • Combustible materials are not allowed to be stored.

BOD Incubator Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

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