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Clean Air Biosafety Cabinet Manufacturer in India

Biological Safety Cabinets is known as tissue culture hoods, are designed to provide personnel, environmental, and product protection.

A biological safety cabinet is designed for the user, the product, and the environment from aerosols resulting from the handling of potentially dangerous micro-organisms.  It is a negative pressure safety device which generally used in microbiology, biomedicine, clinical research, life science, animal experimental, gene recombination, and scientific research for biological products, teaching, clinical examination, production, and pharmaceutical laboratory.

Through this device, the continuous airflow is discharged to the atmosphere via a HEPA filter. These filtered cabinets are essentially produced to protect against exposure to particulates. This purifies the air of infectious aerosols but does not allow lessening exposure to chemicals.

There are three States of Protection, and Clean Air Biosafety Cabinet Manufacturer in India uses them for manufacturing a good machine.

  • Personal Protection from harmful agents within the cabinet
  • Product Protection to avoid contamination of the samples
  • Environmental Protection from contaminants contained within the cabinet.

If your laboratory works with contaminated potentially contaminated materials, you will have at least one biosafety cabinet available to you. They come in three classes depending on what kind of assurance you need to provide for these materials. The class whatsoever you have, biosafety cabinet testing is essential before use it first time. Most importantly, it should also be done with some regularity throughout the year to ensure continued quality performance.

The Main Purpose of a Biosafety Cabinet

  • Personnel safety from dangerous factors inside the cabinet
  • Product safety to avoid contamination of the product testing, or process
  • Environmental friendly protection from contaminants included inside the cabinet

In addition, Biosafety cabinet eliminates the risk and does the work appropriately. If a Biosafety cabinet doesn’t work adequately, it can be a variety of worker protection and product quality issues. So, it’s important to note that passing inspection means that the cabinet should function properly as long as it’s operated correctly.

Explanation of the Different Biosafety Levels

Biosafety Level 1

It is used to study infectious agents or toxins that cause disease in healthy adults. At biological level 1, when working with biological agents the risk is minimal to lab workers and the environment.

Biosafety Level 2

It covers working with pathogenic or infectious organisms posing a common hazard. For Example Hepatitis B virus and Measles virus

 Biosafety Level 3

Biosafety Level 3 practices when working with foreign agents that may cause serious disease through aerosol transmission. For instance: Yellow Fever and Encephalitis.

Biosafety Level 4

Biosafety Level 4, practices when working with extremely hazardous, infectious, and life-threatening agents. The highest containment and protection are needed at all times. For example Ebola, the Lassa virus, and any sample with unknown risks of pathogenicity and transmission.

Key Features of Bio-Safety Cabinets

  • Air flow systems are providing firm protection to individual and the environment
  • Negative pressure for encompassing Working area can make sure the highest safety in the work zone
  • UV lamp for sterilization
  • Soft touch control panel, and LCD
  • Negative pressure type vertical laminar flow

Biosafety Cabinet Maintenance is Mandatory:

To maximum use of a Biosafety cabinet and maintain operational integrity, proper maintenance is crucial. Biosafety Cabinet manufacturers in India follow routine cleaning and inspection schedule. As chemicals are extensively used in these Biosafety Cabinets, filter saturation needs to be checked periodically. Additional insignificant check-ups should be done on daily basis such as airflow, surface cleaning, motor, and lighting and electrical switches, etc.

A Comprehensive Solution If You Want To Buy A Biosafety Cabinet

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Clean Air Biosafety Cabinet

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